Saturday, October 29, 2011

Have one family

I would find it confusing and difficult to be raised in an American family today.  With divorce so wide spread, children are essentially raised in two families.  They live at their mothers, with her new husband, with all their rules and traditions.  Then they live at the fathers with his new wife with all of their rules and traditions.  Other children come along from those new marriages giving children siblings from multiple unions.  Those half brothers and half sisters are not being raised in the exact same setting with not exactly the same parents so there is less in common.  Some people are over here, some people are over there.  Where do I belong?  How do I relate to all these people?  I am even confused writing about the whole thing.  What I am trying to say is that I think it would be better for people to get married once, have children, and stay married.  Have children with the spouse of your youth and leave it at that.  This way there isn't a set of family over here and set of family over there.  I know being single isn't always the best.  It can be lonely and there can be a longing for something more.  However, to avoid confusing children and making things messy, I would encourage people to stay single if they have had their children already.

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