Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burned out on Angry Birds

I haven't played Angry Birds for some time now.  Maybe a month and a half ago I attempted to get back into the game on my iPod Touch.  But I noticed my heart wasn't into it any longer.  The game itself turned me away.  Playing Season's Greedings, I could not completely master level 1-17.  I am a person that likes to get three stars on every level and this one was impossible.  I must have played a thousand times.  It felt like it anyway.  I felt like the designers betrayed me by having a level so impossible.  I am also a person who likes to get all the achievements.  I was doing pretty well, over 80% completed, and ticking off  quite a few of them.  However, in the original Angry Birds game there is an achievement called "Smash Mania" and I had read that there was a glitch in the game not allowing anyone to snag this one no matter how long they played.  Also, the Score Addict achievements where so high, I felt deflated when I thought about going through all those levels again just to get a better score.  It would have been impossible.  Truthfully, I like Rovio, the makers of this game and I really don't think they intend to make levels or achievements impossible.  However, I think I am pretty good at this game and to never be able to reach 100% is a turn off.  I can't bring myself to go on when there isn't a chance that I will some day conquer it all. 

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