Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to not hit deer

When I went into work today, there was a dead dear on the side of the road.  I noticed that it had some spike antlers and was probably a young buck.  The air smelled terrible as I passed by and I notice a single, long, black skid mark leading up to the carcass.  The killing must have happened overnight.  I find it sad when I see animals dead on the side of the road.  Could it be possible to lower the chances of hitting a deer or other animals?  Yes, I believe so.  Here are my suggestions.

1.  Slow down.  Don't drive like a crazy person.
2.  Pay attention.  Keep your eyes ahead of you but also look back and forth from one ditch to the other.
3.  Drive sober.  Don't drink beverages that contain alcohol and then drive.  Get a ride home.
4.  Drive when it is light out.  Keep off the road when it is dark and hard to see.
5.  Get enough sleep.  It is easier to pay attention to what is happening on the roadway when you are fully alert.

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