Friday, October 21, 2011

Dog verses cat

I enjoy our dog but I tolerate our cat.  My dog is excited when I come home and greets me at the door.  My cat is hidden away most of the time and I rarely see it.  My dog wants me to throw the ball for her and I get outside in the fresh air to play with her.  My cat doesn't want me to do anything with her.  My dog warns me of visitors and potential danger.  My cat would walk over my dead body on the way to the litter box.  My dog wants me to touch her, scratch her, and snuggle with her.  My cat can go days without any physical contact.  My dog is right there at the edge of the table looking for little scapes.  My cat is not around for dinner time.

I think cats are too successful for our own good.  They are cute and they can survive without much human effort.  But they also have a negative impact on the bird population.  I hope people with cats keep them inside and keep them from breading.  I would recommend a dog to most any family.  The companionship, the exercise, the physical touch that comes with a dog make up for any negative thing that comes with pet ownership.  When the cat is gone, she will not be replaced.  When the dog is gone, it will break my heart.

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