Monday, October 24, 2011

Body language not always as it seems.

People may think that I am resisting them when I fold my arms.  However, just as often as not, I am crossing my arms because I am cold, not because I am angry.  It is a very comfortable stance for me because I can warm myself.  It may also be that I am thinking about and contemplating what is going on around me.  Often times, I have to remind myself to place my arms at my side in order to not communicate something I am not intending to communicate.  I often times wish it wasn't so widely believed that crossing ones arms is a negative gesture.  I also like to place my hands in my pockets when I am standing.  This too can be read wrong.  Some people may think it says I am trying to hide something when I am really just trying to keep warm my hands.  When you see people and you think they are saying something by their body language, give them a chance to speak their mind and share their thoughts.  It may not be their intention to say what you think they are saying.

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