Sunday, October 23, 2011


Resting is not very popular in our society today.  Being a busy person is warn like a badge of honor.  People will work late into the night on some project that needs completion.  Overnighters for college students is suppose to symbolize how serious they are at passing an exam.  Practice and sporting events take up families evenings and weekends.   Sunday afternoons are often filled with the noise of lawn mowers as people try to get one more things accomplished on their to-do list for the weekend.  When is there time to relax and rest?  How is burning the candle at both ends working out for people?  I personally like to get my work and shopping done during the week.  I like to have my weekends free.  I will do house work and yard work on Saturdays so that I don't have to do on Sunday after church.  God gave us an example through the creation week of how to order our lives.  God created, formed, and gave life for six days but then rested on the seventh.  Not that He needed to but because we need to.  I think sleep is important.  We minimize sleep and how it helps us to stay healthy and be productive when we are on the job.  Setting aside one day per week to worship, relax, read, think, meditate, recover, and do something different is balancing and of great importance.

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