Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I feel like an extrovert on the computer

As an introvert, I do not look to parties or social events for a good time.  A large number of people overwhelm me.  If I am forced to be with crowds, I will usually hang on the edge.  There is just so much to process.

However, I feel much more expressive and free when I am on my laptop at home.  In fact, I want to engage more with people on the computer than I want to in person.  It frustrates me when others that I respect, admire, and consider friends do not post an update at Facebook or reply to one of my emails.  I want to interact and share!  Those comments and emails are meaningful to me.

I find typing very easy and communicating through a computer very natural.  It is more controlled and I can review my words before I send them out.  I check for spelling errors and I read it out loud so that the right tone comes across.

Any introverts feel the same way?

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