Friday, June 22, 2012

Introvert challenges part 2

Change-I know that change is a part of life.  Change happens.  I, however, like routine and would prefer that things stay the same.  I like to improve but it had better be a real improvement for things to change.  I feel safe when I know what to expect and what I am doing.  So, routine can be good for me.  I don't always see how the change will make things better.  Since I go through life on my internal feelings, change makes me feel uneasy so I can be slow to come around.

Speech-There are people out there that have an abundance of words.  They are babbling brooks.  I am slow to speak and quick to hear.  When I speak, I want to be right in what I say and true to myself.  If I have not given any thought to an issue, I honestly don't know my opinion and may stumble over giving my take on it or I may state that I will have to get back to you later after I have given the matter some consideration.  I do attempt to share my heart and experiences when I can and I try to ask good questions so the talker can get out their words for the day.

Sensory-I can get overloaded with my senses.  I like green pastures and swaying trees because they are calming.  Seeing violent images is difficult on me.  I replay the images in my mind, I cringe, and I get tight in my stomach.  News stories or movies with human suffering and pain make me want to turn it off and run.  Even deer hunting can be a bit of a stretch for me.  I know meat comes from dead animals but I can't think on the subject for too long.  Keeping my sensory stimulation to a manageable level helps me.

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