Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where would I be a good fit?

Here are some questions I thought of when thinking about where I could be a good fit.

Where can I had value?  What organization needs someone with high integrity and can trust him to fulfill his obligations with little supervision?  Where can I go that would give me a task and leave me alone to do it?  What company needs their location to be ship-shape and set in order?  How can I match myself with a place that I can be proud of and where my title is not something to be ashamed of?  Where can I live out the calling within me?  Who needs good-judgement, character, and a willingness to get the job done?  Who has meaningful work, just enough intellectual stimulation, and interesting people?  What work can I do that is routine enough that surprises are kept to a minimal but also offers enough change to keep me engaged?  Who has leadership that I can respect, admire, and follow?  Where do they allow people to be human?  How can I find a place that has cool technology, a respect for the environment, and is financially sound?

Do you know of any place that would match my style?

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