Monday, June 18, 2012


I like money.  I think it is a useful tool and a medium of exchange.  It represents value that I have been able to give someone and there is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes with that.  I like to put it aside in savings for a future need.  I like to cover all my expenses and have some left over.  I like to give it to worthwhile organizations that are doing good in the world.  I like to save money for retirement.  I like to see my accounts grow.

But I do not love money.  I will not sacrifice my integrity, health, or family for it.  I will not compromise to get it.  I will not value someone more because he has a lot of it nor will I undervalue someone who has less of it.  I will not consider myself better than others because I have more of it then they do or because I manage my money better.

What is your view of money?

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