Friday, June 1, 2012

Lessons from "Facing the Giants"

This week I watched the film "Facing the Giants" and had the following take-aways.
Self-limiting beliefs.  One of the football players did the "death crawl" during practice only this time he was blind folded.  He coach urged him forward, to do his best, while the other players looked on in amazement.  The player assumed he really pushed himself and had made it to the fifty yard line.  However when the blinders were removed he had done all one-hundred yards and made it to the end zone.  I wonder what self-limiting beliefs keep me from doing twice what I would expect.
Praise Him in the good times and in the bad times.  The featured couple in the film resolved to give God the glory whether they were going to lose, not have a baby, or win and have a family.  I resolve to glorify God whether He chooses to crush me or whether He chooses to bless me.
Do your best.  The coach told his players that their responsibility was to do their best in every area of life and leave the results to God.  Respect authority, study hard, and play hard.  God can take our meager efforts and make them major wins.
Overcome your fear.  God says in His Word to not fear 365 times.  I think there is a message there.  We are not to fear man but God alone.  God has our back.  He know our needs.  We can face the giants in our lives and expect God to get us through the encounter.
What lessons from "Facing the Giants" would you like to share?

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