Thursday, June 7, 2012

Land management philosophy part 2

Allow for wildlife habitat.  I enjoy watching wildlife.  Squirrels, deer, chipmunks, birds of every color, and butterflies.  They are all interesting and I like to see them flourishing in my back yard.  They need a few things from us in order to live nearby.  Water, food, and shelter.  When those things are available on our properties, wildlife can live out their lives in full view and we can enjoy and take pleasure from their antics.

Decrease dangers.  It is important that the property that is managed is as free of dangers as possible.  That means removing or destroying things that can cause harm.  Poison Ivy, wasps, and low hanging branches.  Dumping out stagnate pools of water is a good idea so that insects can not breed.  Making walk-ways and the ground in general as level as possible.

Privacy.  One reason I am a home owner is for the sake of privacy.  I like to be alone and keep my own counsel.  It is not that I dislike people, it is that I like to have down time to read and go about the business of life without eyes on me.  Adding trees and bushes strategically can help with keeping your home a place of refuge.  Having a nice row of evergreens on the property line is one way to add a natural fence to your yard and it benefits everyone.

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