Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introvert challenges

Outgoing-The glad hander, the jokester, with an enormous smile is the one that everyone likes but is really hard to imitate as an introvert.  I am cautious with my friendships and prefer a view friendships but ones that are deeper and more meaningful.  I am not going to take unnecessary risks because I want to see how the results are going to benefit me.  I am constantly checking my inner self to make sure everything is okay.

Entertaining-I am a listener, an observer, and task-oriented.  I contemplate and monitor.  But what is valued today is the person on the stage who can make us laugh and cry.  The one who has the large party, an event that goes down in history.  I as an introvert will not stand in front of people and tell jokes and share wild stories.  I can't remember any jokes and I have no wild stories.  Being like this makes me come across as one with a serious air and that does not always win friends.

Energy-I gain energy by having down time, reading and putting my home in order.  Many people get their energy by lots of interaction, telling others what to do, and winning at all costs.  I have to pace myself and do things in a measured way or else I will run out of power for the day and end up discouraged and out of sorts.  I don't really want high energy anyway.  Getting my list checked off and everything set in its place is what drives me.

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