Friday, June 15, 2012

Light in summer

At this time of the year, it becomes light very early.  So for me, it is easy to get up early too.  I am just like a flower.  I open up and become active when the sun hits me.  This can cause a late night to become a painful morning.  So I need to go to bed early.  If it were totally up to me, I would go to bed shortly after 9 PM.  That is not always my choice however.  Not much is happening late in the evening anyway so I look forward to going to bed and having renewed energy in the morning.

Now, the opposite is also something to consider.  During winter, when getting up to total blackness, when it is cold throughout the house, it is not easy.  It takes some effort and determination and it is not easy especially as I get older.

Do you find it easier to get an early start when it is summer?

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