Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My calling

My calling is to increase natural and wild areas while at the same time decreasing decaying urban areas.  I want to beautify the outdoors and lessen the impact of humans on the environment.

Cities have never been my thing.  I have visited some large cities but have not stayed for long.  The northeast part of our country has never been a draw to me because of the density of the populations centers.  I have never visited New York city or Washington D.C. and places like Philadelphia and Detroit leave me appalled.  I am sure that if I went there, I could find something interesting but on the whole they don't embody what I believe success to be.

Keeping things green has been a long term interest of mine.  Not too far from the house I grew up in was a small woods.  It wasn't our property but being close I felt an ownership to it.  While a child I would walk through there and explore.  I would fashion boats and float them down the creek in spring.  We made trails through the woods and biked it.  Later on, my dad and I would go there to cut down dead elm trees and haul them home to burn in our stove to heat the house.  As an adult it was distressing to see houses built on the edge, and then actually in, the woods.  Being able to freely roam through that natural area by just anyone was gone.

When I see people who are careless with the outdoors, it boils my blood.  I can't understand when people throw their cigarette butt to the ground or throw their trash out their window as they drive by.  Is it so difficult to bring garbage to where it can be buried forever out of sight?  Do people not understand that most things are not biodegradable?  I like things green, natural and serene.  This is what I will fight for.

My ideal job would be where I am actually taking a swipe at the big city.  I would love to tare down old, useless buildings and then bring in dirt, trees, and shrubs and make a green space for people to view and enjoy.  I think it would actually raise the quality of life, lower stress and crime, and increase property values.

How can you lessen your impact on the environment?

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