Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I don't want to retire.  I would rather work until my last day on something meaningful, something that matters to me.  If I am doing something I was created for, something I am passionate about, and something rewarding, why would I want to quit doing it to sit around in the Arizona desert?  Sure, I may put in fewer hours eventually.  I may take on a role as advisor but I don't want to ever be done with work.  Work is simply changing circumstances from what it is to something better.  I always want to be making a positive contribution.  I will save for retirement but that money should be a supplement not my sole source of income.  I believe that if all I can do is dream of retirement, and quitting my work, that there is something out of balance.  Maybe I am at the wrong company, or the wrong work, or I am not taking enough time off to relax, enjoy, and live in the midst of the journey.  Retirement is not something I want to think too much on.  I would rather put my creative energies and thoughts into finding work that I could love.

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