Monday, July 2, 2012

Being president for the day

If I was president for one day, I would focus on cleaning up this country.  This country once was pristine and almost untouched.  Think of all the changes that have taking place in the landscape over the last few centuries.  Think of all the junk and trash and discarded items that are sitting out there. Think of all the cars and appliances sitting in peoples yards.  We need to make a concerted effort to clean up and beautify our outdoors.  There are large things that need to be done.  Like removing whole neighborhoods of rundown houses, broken cement, and derelict buildings.  But there are also small things that need to be done like removing trash from the side of roads and planting trees.  

If I was president, I would use the bully pulpit to proclaim these heartfelt thoughts.  I would make a three to five minute speech in the morning.  Then I would take my media entourage and actually go out to sites that were taking down worthless buildings.  I would take the media to roadsides where volunteers are picking up garbage from careless passing motorist.  I would take them to places where trees where being planted and cared for.

At the end of the day, I would be satisfied.  Good work can do that.  The travel, the lifting, the moving.  Speaking from my heart, I would make another three to five minute speech again pushing my fellow citizens to clean up and take it easy on the natural world.  It is our responsibility.  Future generations depend on it.  I would remain focused on this one issue and I would have fulfilled my purpose.

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