Thursday, July 26, 2012

Low ticket dog

Shortly after we purchased our dog from a pet adoption organization, we took her to training school.  The instructor let us know every animal is different emotionally and their discipline level can vary.  Some dogs are high ticket dogs and some are low ticket dogs.  Some need a strong hand and gruff talk.  Others just need a scolding.  As it turns out, our dog is the low ticket variety.  I don't like to hit her and usually just speak roughly to her when she needs it.  

I see myself as a low ticket dog.  ; )  It doesn't take much pain, yelling, or tickets to get me to correct my behavior.  I don't like to be called out or placed in the spot light or under go public criticism.  Being on a stage like that is not where I like to be.

Are you a low ticket or high ticket dog?

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