Wednesday, July 25, 2012


One habit I have started just last year was short distance running.  I am now jogging as much as three times per week at a couple of miles, maybe three, each time.  It has been good exercise, building my body as well as my confidence.  The time taken for a run is usually 30 minutes which doesn't eat up too much of my day.

One thing about running that I find appealing is that it is so simple and so pure.  Most anyone can run.  We were designed to do it.  The cost to run is probably nil as most people have the needed supplies already.  Shorts, t-shirt, socks, shoes.  Running also connects us with our basic instincts.  Our ancestors ran to case down something they wanted.  They also ran to escape something that could do them harm.

Running can also be a time to reflect, pray, and think of new ideas.  Being out on the road or trail can connect us to the earth and our natural surroundings.  I choose to run without music.  So my ears are listening to my neighbors pulling out of their driveways, the bark of a dog, and the chirp of a bird.  Running this way seems more basic, less complex, and keeps me aware.

This is a habit that I hope to continue no matter what the future might bring.

Is running something you could start doing?

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