Monday, July 23, 2012

Not a sports fan

Recently, I saw someone I admire with the slogan "Not a sports fan" on his t-shirt.  This man is a TV host for the television show "Motion".  He hikes, kayaks, and scuba dives all over the United States for his program on exploring the outdoors on the road less traveled.  Him wearing this shirt made perfect sense.  He likes to be active and see new places but those places are usually off the beaten path with few people.  A sports fan has to conform to the group, put up with a lot of people, see a lot of advertising, all the while being squished together with a rowdy throng.  I just can't see him liking that.  Neither do I.

I have noticed that I too like to be active and go places with few people.  I am also finding my sports interest waining.  Football is coming up in the fall and I usually watch a whole Packer game in the afternoon.  Yet, that is my level of devotion to sport.  I've tried watching basketball and it doesn't catch my full interest.  The same can be said for baseball and hockey.  The olympics can be interesting and those are coming up this summer so I will see if I have the heart to watch.  I will sometimes tune into the last 15 minutes of a golf tournament as it is nice to see someone win a million dollars.

Yet, I am not a major sports fan.  Sports can be too competitive.  Sports can also consume peoples lives to the point where it is an unhealthy time sink.  I like to be active, do things, and broaden my horizons.  But sports just doesn't turn my crank.

What do you think?  Are you a sports fan?

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