Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daytime TV

When I am at the gym doing my exercising, they have there three televisions.  Most of the time they are on and with other people in the room, I don't feel the freedom to change the channels, so I live with what is playing.  Usually, the morning shows are full of bad news, terror, and natural disasters.  What a terrible way to begin a day!  Seriously, why would you want the first things you think about to be all gloom and doom?  What an unhealthily mental diet.  Besides these times at the gym, I do not turn on the television in the mornings.  Our TV is tucked away downstairs where it is out of sight and out of mind.  That is done purposefully as I don't want to give it prominence in my home.  It has never been my habit and I never anticipate it ever being my habit to turn on the TV to watch morning shows.  Mornings are for preparing for the day and taking action on my goals. 

Do you watch TV in the mornings?  Is that a habit you want to reconsider?

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