Monday, July 16, 2012

Disappointed that iGoogle is being discontinued

Google announced recently that they will discontinue iGoogle next year.  iGoogle has been my home page for many, many years now and the start to my internet use.  It has been a launch pad for what I want to get done.  With iGoogle I can quickly glance at my email, check the weather, and jot a note to myself.  iGoogle is sort of a catch all.  

Maybe this change is good.  Shaking up the routine and learning new ways of doing the same things isn't all bad.  But I also don't see what Google gains by pushing away loyal fans.  I know Steve Jobs rebuked Google for being too many things to too many people.  He suggested that they cut many of their services and decide what they really want to become.  Maybe cutting out iGoogle is the companies way of taking his advice.

Are you disappointed that iGoogle will be discontinued?

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