Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Born to Run" initial thoughts

I am reading the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.  Though I am not even half way through the book, I wanted to share my initial thoughts.

Firstly, the author writes with a lot of detail.  I hope he is giving it to us straight as there seems to be some embellishment.  Sometimes, it feels like I am reading an article out of Rolling Stone magazine.  I have checked a few things on what he has written and they did seem accurate enough.

Secondly, his book is about endurance running and the secret to it.  The secrets so far seem to be that one should run for happiness, not to lose weight, or win a prize.  It should be done for pure joy.  The other thing that I think he will reveal is that running with expensive shoes is actually more harmful than good.  He hasn't come out to say that yet, but I think at some point he will.

It has been motivating to read McDougall's account of ultrarunners.  I get out a few times per week and run a few miles.  I am starting to believe that I can do more than what I am doing.  I hope to continue to run for many years to come and maybe I can even stretch the distances that I run.

Have you read "Born to Run"?  What are your thoughts on it?

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