Monday, July 30, 2012

Less Sweets

I am committing to eating less sweets.  No more buying of gum, or soda pop, and or ice cream.  Why?  The first reason is these take a steady amount of money and it does add up.  I would rather use those few dollars for better things.  The second reason is health.  Sugar give a high but it also lead to a crash in energy and I don't need that.

Sweets permeate our society.  Every label seems to have some sort of sweetener listed.  It could be sugar, or corn syrup, or fructose.  Whatever name they attach to it, it is the same thing.  Empty calories.  No nutritional value.

I would like to get some control in this area of my life.  Sweet things do impact my body.  In the long run, they lower my energy level.  My thinking is also not as clear when I load up on sugars.  My skin also is negatively affected by excessive sweets.

It is not just saying "no" to sweets.  It is saying "yes" to the right things.  I need to know what the right things are and deliberately purchase those foods and be happy with them.  Fruit, veggies, and nuts all are good for the body but they also leave me feeling full and satisfied.  That is important to me.

Sometimes I am sure I will have a bowl of ice cream or chew some gum.  My idea is that I will not exchange money for it myself.  It will not be on my permanent shopping list.  I don't want to become so against sugar that I make the issue more than what it is really suppose to be.

Could you use less sugar in your diet?

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