Friday, July 20, 2012

Listening to speakers at a music festival

I was recently at a big music festival that is held each year in our area and an interesting thing happened.  I was not all that interested in hearing the musicians sing or play.  Rather, I wanted to listen to them talk.  Without question, music is important to me.  But I think I like to hear of experiences and how-to's directly when I have the chance.  It is inspiring and helpful to hear the inside scoop.  When I hear music live, I am not always impressed.  I would rather hear the studio recording.  I think this is because the song is at its best and done right in that setting.  When it is sung live, the subtleties are missing, the pace is off, and musicians interrupt their own song to share something.  That doesn't always do something for me.  In fact, it makes the song feel incomplete or broken.  So, I like to hear talk more than music.  I have already written about how I like to listen to podcasts, so this is no surprise.

What do you prefer?  Music or talk or a mix of both?

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