Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slow down

I met a man recently who has a ministry at a retirement living home.  He plays music for the church service each Sunday while another man brings the message.  Many in the audience are in their eighties and come from various church backgrounds.  He said that not a few times have people come up to him after the service to say that they had never heard a particular truth before.  They say that they never knew the Bible said what it said.  I find it very sad that these people's denomination never encouraged them to open their own Bibles and read.  I find it sad that these truths have taken so long to get to these senior people and now they only have a few years to live out those truths.  But it is most sad that people in general are so busy, so caught up in the moment, that they plow past the most important things in life.  God had to wait for these people to slow down enough before He could tell them something important. 

People today are living imbalanced lives.  They think work is so important that they let their physical selves go.  They think the company will not survive without them so they sacrifice time with their families.  They are so consumed with working and shopping that their souls dry up.  Isn't it time we reflect on what is really important and strive to live more balanced lives?

Do you need to slow down?

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