Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dilema

My dilema is that my natural strengths and tendencies are not the highly prized by our culture.  Instead of talkative and confident, I am quiet and reserved.  I am not one that wants to crush my competition.  Everyone wants aggressive while I would rather get along.  Employers want those that are outgoing and who have high energy.  I am more comfortable on the edge of the group and I need to pace myself to get through the day.

There must be a place for me.  I believe we each have something special about us that if we apply it we will be number one in our field.  It is just taking me a long time to find my niche.

I have value.  I exercise good judgement.  I am a good citizen.  I am dependable and accurate.  I like to keep everything up-to-date and in good order.  My intellect is strong enough that I am curious and I ask good questions.

Where can I apply myself?  I would like to be in a place that is a good match for my natural bent and where I can be the true me.  I want to find my calling.

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