Thursday, May 24, 2012

Working to work less

I find it very enjoyable to do work and complete tasks that I know will lower my work load in the future.  An example of that is when I trim trees in my yard.  I like to raise the canopy so that I can freely walk under it.  Once that work is done it is complete and I don't have to duck or bump my head in the future.  I even had a large birch tree entirely removed from my backyard because it was constantly dropping twigs that I would have to pick up or clear out of the gutters.  I remember at the time commenting to a neighbor about how I was going to contract to take the tree out.  I said to him that I was doing it so that my work load in the future would be less.

Working to work less is a wonderful feeling.  There is a real sense that I am moving forward.  I like getting things done once and for all.  If I have to touch something, I want to touch once and be done.  Doing the same task again and again with no hope of it ever abating is a bit discouraging to me.  So is doing a good job and being rewarded with more work and higher expectations without much financial reward.  That is just the opposite of the work situation that I would like to be involved with.  I would rather set things up, let it run with only a few tweaks and updates, and continuously earn from that initial effort.

How have you managed to set things up so that there is less work going forward?

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