Monday, May 28, 2012

Life skills verses technical skills

I would say that I have above average life skills but my technical skills need a boost.

My career coach says that my next opportunity will train me for what needs to be done.  He says not to worry about lacking technical skills in certain areas.  That is a struggle for me to believe and grasp.  As I look through online job postings, I honestly get a bit intimidated.  The list of duties, responsibilities, and expectations can be lengthly and not in my history or possession.  I can hardly believe what employers are asking for today.  I don't know where they expect these incredible super human people to come from.  Everyone wants the first in their class, great work experience, and a career path that has always ascended straight up with increasing speed.  Ridiculous!

I see myself as having life skills that others are without.  Good judgement, the ability to speak politely, and write succinctly begin to describe what I think I can do well.  I play by the rules, keep things in order, and pay my own way.  It is funny, the life skills are what some have said are the keys to a good life and a good work situation.  I am not sure if I have seen that played out yet.  Not destroying yourself is certain favorable but one still needs to be able to produce and solve and fix and sell.  I hope one day that my life skills will be in demand and seen as the asset they are by a paying customer or customers.

How have your life skills helped you in the marketplace?

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