Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spend money to save money - part 15

A great way to spend money to save money is to purchase and attend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  The cost for my wife and I was only $93 this past winter and that was for both of us to go through it together and obtain a life time membership.  That cost included the materials for the class which consisted of a book, a workbook, access to a special section on his website, and audio CDs.  Plus the 13 class sessions held at a local church which included a video lesson of Dave teaching and discussion time afterward with others.  This personal finance educational course is a great way to spend a little money now to save a boat load later.  Dave will tell you how to get rid of debt using the Debt Snowball, how to save on purchases, how to secure your assets, and how to renegotiate for the better an owner financed mortgage.  After getting rid of debt and cutting costs, your next step will be to build wealth and give to causes that matter to you.  There are few sure things in life.  However, Dave Ramsey's course is very close to a sure thing in terms of the consumer finding something to do that will recoup the course cost.  As someone who has completed the course and applied the material, I would highly recommend FPU.  Invest in yourself as it can pay wonderful, and even unexpected, dividends.

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