Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I bought a domain name.  It is good for 12 months.  Keeping with my brand, I choose  It was available and I bought it at Go Daddy for $1.67.  The price was so low because they had a coupon code which I found at Deal News.  The web address was already taken.  That would have been an easier site address to work with but everything I have on the internet includes my full name.  This is true for my email, LinkedIn, and now website.  It is nice to have an easy, short name but in the age of the internet when you have a common name, it doesn't work out so well unless you were the first one there.  I tend to be a late adaptor or a slow to adapt consumer.

I'll see where this leads.  So far, I have just had the address forwarded to my LinkedIn site which is pretty cool.  I do not have plans at the moment to make a full blow website.  That is not out of the realm of possibility, I just don't see the need at the moment.  Now if someone asks me if I have a website, I can say "Yes".

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