Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to cut your gasoline usage

With gas just below $4 per gallon, it is important to get a handle on your usage of this product.

Before anything else, find out what you are spending in this category each month.  Then go to your budget and make the needed adjustments.  Don't overspend because the cost of gas has gone up.  Some area or areas need to be adjusted down when the fuel category has risen.

Next, look over your garage and determine what it is that you really need.  Maybe it is time to sell one of your motorized things.  Even consider getting rid of that third or second car that is not really a necessity.  Lightening your load can dramatically reduce your fuel expense.

For your remaining gas using equipment consider how you use it.  Is it possible to use it less?  For instance, not every blade of grass in your yard needs to be mowed.  Consider leaving parts of your lawn long so that you don't cut it each week.  This can save you money over time.

When running motors, turn them off when they are not being used.  A lot of gas is needlessly burned up when idling.

Keep your equipment running well.  Give it a little tender loving care.  Clean or replace the filters.  Make sure the oil is at an acceptable level.  Having a smooth running machine can save a lot on fuel costs.

Use the lowest octane available at the pump.  There is no real benefit to the higher octane.  It is blended for certain cars and you would know it if your particular car required it.

Get a handle on this expense.  It would seem that the cost of gas is going to remain stubbornly high for the near future.  The changes listed above are good to do anyway and will keep money in your pocket.

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