Thursday, May 3, 2012

My value

As a quiet man, it is maybe more difficult to see my value.  My value is that I take a long-term view.  I make decisions slowly, with more deliberation, after all the facts are gathered in.  I am careful with resources and keep good records.  I am supportive of leadership and strive to make their lives as easy as possible.  I value quality, putting everything in its place, and keeping things attractive.  I strive to get along well with society and am very agreeable.  I can write when necessary and communicate well through email.  I am steady and can handle routine better than most.  I like incremental improvement and building slowly.  Listening well is a strength of mine and if you need to talk, I can hear you out.  I remember obligations, meeting times, and who owes who.  I tend to blend in, stay below the radar, and keep a low profile.  Although I observe the superstars in any given field, I am not one that needs opulence or status.  I see patterns and can read a map.  Monitoring a situation is perfectly fine with me.  I remember facts, quotes, and odd information.  Names and faces are fairly easy for me.  I am compliant, amiable, and sensible.  

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