Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is holding me back in my career search

Recently I was challenged to write out what was the biggest obstacle in holding me back with my job search.  I think what is holding me back is that I do not have a clear understanding of what I want to do.  I know my personality style, my tendencies, and my soft skills.  I have a list of things that my ideal job is and is not.  I can tell you many details of what I would want it to be.  However, those are not job titles.  Having a clear job title, specialty or position, like engineer or accountant, can make the job hunt very straight forward as all one has to do is put that word into any search field and the results are there for one to pick from.  Entering dependable, conscientious, or steady do not yield much, if anything.  People I network with tell me that I should get back to them once I know what it is that I want to do.  I don't know why I can not pick one position title.  I know that I tend to over analyze things and constantly ask for more information before making a decision.  I know too that I don't want only my career to define me.  In my formative years, I never remember seeing someone that I admired so much that I wanted to emulate them.  I don't believe anyone ever observed something in me that caused them to exclaim what I would be a good at.  It is rather strange that there isn't something in me that desires a title.  I think I have good life skills and could add value to most any organization.  In many areas of my life, I believe I am doing well and growing.  The area of career has not been the success that I would like it to be however.

What is holding you back in your career?

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