Friday, May 11, 2012


I can be passionate about technology, financial matters, and arboriculture.

In regard to technology, I get excited for the new wiz-bang product on the market.  Generally, I like all things Apple but my interests are not limited to just iMacs, iPods, and iPhones.  Websites, apps, televisions, cameras all hold an interest to me.  I like to interact with new products and see what they can do.  It is fun to make the upgrade and have the latest.  It is also satisfying to find something that fits a need perfectly, purchasing the product, and incorporating it into my life.

In regard to financial matters, I can be very passionate about paying bills on time, keeping the checkbook balanced, and staying within budget.  I absolutely hate that our country is so far in debt.  It drives me crazy.  I do not like gambling and wish I could give people some of my self-control.  I live to truly save and put money aside.  Building wealth excites me.  Checking off to-do items like making a budget, getting a will documented, and buying life insurance all keep me going.  I want to win with money and I want others do win as well.  We can do it if we follow time-tested steps.

In regard to arboriculture, I enjoy so much getting the right tree into the right place.  I like trimming back trees appropriately to give clearance and visibility.  I like building wind or traffic or noise blocks with plants.  I like removing the dead or unsightly limbs from a tree.  There is just something so fulfilling with using nature to benefit oneself.

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