Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I overlooking something?

This past week I came home with not much time to spare before dark but I wanted to get a few things done outside.  We have been replacing the rock around the base of our house with cedar bark.  My wife and a family friend had removed most of the rock during the day when I was gone.  I was heartened by this and wanted to continue the project.  After quickly having some dinner and changing clothes, I got outside to do a little work.  It was so enjoyable shoveling, smoothing, and removing dirt and some leftover rock.  The area was prepped and I felt like I had accomplished something.  It was satisfying to see the change and just knowing I had done something for our house.

After this I went inside and worked in the kitchen for a while.  I put away dishes and did some general organizing.  It too felt very good to do something for myself.  The work did not take much thinking but was more of a task and there was a peace that came with that.  It was easy yet fulfilling.

When I get this relaxing, satisfying feeling from work, it makes me wonder.  I wonder if I am overlooking something.  Is this the work I am suppose to be doing with my life?  Am I getting this level enjoyment with other work I am doing?  How could I do work similar to this, get that same level of satisfaction, and receive the pay I would like?

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