Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christianity solves…animosity between peoples

There are many issues that Christianity solves if people will embrace the principles found in the Bible.  One of many issues of our world that Christianity solves is animosity between peoples.

We are told in scripture that mankind was created in the image of God.  Everyone of us that walks this earth has a touch of the Creator in us.  We are all alike in that we are formed from dust but have an eternal soul.  Adam and Eve are everyones original parents.  Noah and his wife are also common ancestors.

The Lord tells us again and again to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We are to bless others and not to curse them.  We are to show kindness and patience with others no matter their language, nationality or faith.

In the end, we all have a soul and everyone has value.  No one is junk.  Everyone has a purpose here.  There maybe cultural differences but those should stir a curiosity in us and cause us to investigate.

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