Monday, October 22, 2012

I just talked with her

I learned a couple of Friday's ago that someone from one of my networking groups had passed away suddenly.  What amazed me was that we had just talked not a week before.  She appeared healthy and well as though she had quite a few years in front of her.  We talked for 20 minutes or so at the bus stop and we chatted on our ride down to a nearby university.  She was working toward her next opportunity and was hopeful about her future.  When I learned her age, I was surprised because she didn't look it.  In fact, someone had guessed her to be about forty-eight.  I would not have put her in her early sixties as her obituary said.

Since learning of her death, I have lifted up her family in prayer.  I was gladdened to see that her obituary stated she had went to heaven and was enjoying everlasting life.

I was waiting for that check in my spirit.  Like God saying to me that I could have done more or I should have said more.  That feeling never came.  Maybe what I said to her was all that was needed.

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