Friday, October 26, 2012

Good input

I firmly believe that if you put good things into your mind and soul it will result in good actions and a successful life.  It has been said, garbage in garbage out.  That is true but let's focus on the good and forget about the garbage.

I try to read blogs everyday that will give me direction and hope.  Blogs from authors like Dan Miller, Seth Godin, and Scott Wimberly.  I read my Bible and devotional (Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Larry Burkett and Our Daily Bread) daily to remind me of God's faithful and constant love.  I listen to upbeat music that contains truth and meets me on a deeper level, washing my soul.  It is important to me to have the right things coming into my ears and eyes.  In a sense, I am making my life an experiment.  As I age, I am applying a thicker filter on what I allow into my life as there is less time and so much good material.  So I stay away from books, movies, and people who use bad language.  I say "no" to the horror movies and violent films.  Fiction is almost always disappointing, so I have set that aside for the most part.  Instead, I watch movies with a redeeming story line.  I read non-fiction and biographies that give me hope because someone else has overcome obstacles and made it.

I would encourage you to be careful on what you allow into your life.  The music, videos and books you consume will affect your beliefs, your actions, and ultimately your legacy.

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