Friday, October 12, 2012

Having bad dreams? Here is what helps me.

I have read that over 70% of reported night time dreams are of the nightmare sort.  That is, they are frightening, scary, or dark in nature.  That is a lot of negative angst that must disturb people and cut into the quality of their lives.  The following is what has helped me with creating better dreams.

Movies - I do not like terror movies.  Watching them has never made a positive difference in my life.  I can remember movies quite well and if I watch a violent film, it will stick with me as I go to bed.  Instead, I carefully screen what I allow to go into my eyeballs.  I try to watch movies and shows with a redemptive quality to them.  Or I just turn the television off and find something better to do.

Books - The books I read are usually of the non-fiction variety.  I try to stay away from fiction because of the language, ridiculous story lines, and violence.  Find a good self-help or biography to read before going to bed.  Fill your mind with hope and stories of people who have made it.

Pray - I saw a prayer before going to sleep at night.  Prayer is just talking to God.  It is how we know we have a relationship with Him.  He wants the best for us and so I share my heart with Him.

Scripture - I like to read the truth.  I find soul feeding truth in the Bible.  After reading it, I try to repeat meaningful portions to myself that will help me keep the right frame of mind.

Relax - It is important to exercise, breath, and relax.  Trust that God will work it out.  All you can affect is today.

I think it is possible to lessen the amount of frightening dreams at night.  Follow the above ideas and see what happens.

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