Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The trucks in Courageous

I had the privilege of watching the film Courageous again not too many weekends ago.  There are four police officers featured in the movie.  Being on the police force is not the best way make money.  It truly is a service to the community.  In fact, part of the dialogue had a character relate that they were making in the mid-30's per year.  Yet, at least two of the characters were driving late model pick-up trucks.  I have looked up a 2011 Ford F150 and it was about in the mid-20's MSRP.  Today, some of Ford's trucks are in the high 30's.  Now, nothing was made of the wives income.  So as a viewer I am lead to believe that these guys were making payments.  How else could their income and their truck be reconciled?  This is a film made by a church in Georgia so it surprises me when an unrealistic lifestyle is presented.  I would like to see more reasonable choices made by the characters in the Sherwood Pictures films.  As it is, it seems like the people in their films buy full retail and live beyond their means.

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