Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Freeing up time by deleting a podcast

One of my favorite podcasts came to an end this past week.  The hosts said that they were discontinuing the show.  I was a little sad but I listened with interest to their wrap-up as they described future projects.  They had outgrown the show and needed to cut something from their schedules to free up time for something better.  I totally understand that.  When they said that this was their last episode, I actually felt relief, as I was debating within myself if this podcast was still a good use of my time.  Now, I can quit listening without feeling guilty or like I was abandoning good advice.  I went ahead and deleted another unrelated podcast too while I was at it.  It felt good because I was on the fence about that one too.  It was like I was taking control over my schedule and my choices.  As these two say good-bye to their audience to open up time for other things, it affords the audience the very same thing.

What can you delete from your life that will free up time for something better?

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