Monday, October 15, 2012

Running in the afternoon

This past week I got back into a work routine.  That meant that it was a bit of a stretch to get up early enough for a morning run.  So I adjusted and ran my 2.5 miles in the afternoon.  I found that this actually worked out just fine.  First, there is still light when I get home so I was able to see, and just as importantly, others could see me.  Secondly, the temp in the afternoon and early evening was comfortable whereas the early mornings are cold.

I know a lot of people advocate exercising first thing in the morning.  There is a lot of merit to it and I think their arguments are strong.  However, right now that doesn't work for me.  But I would like others to know that shortly after work is not a bad time to get outside and get some activity.  Especially in early October.

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