Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sharpening the saw

As I was talking with someone new last week, the question came up of what I had been doing lately with my time off.  Without even thinking, I said that I was taking time to "sharpen the saw".  He immediately got that expression as a Stephen Covey principle.  I liked how the answer just spilled out of me.

It's the truth too.  I am not doing nothing.  I am updating my resume, networking brief, and LinkedIn profile.  I have selected business cards and I hand them out regularly.  I have spent time with family.  I have traveled to a conference on being better than average.  I have met new people through several career networking groups.  I have added a regular exercise routine to my schedule.  I have explored business ownership and self-employment.  Books and blogs are being read.

When I say that I am "sharpening the saw", that is, investing in myself, growing, and doing what I can to make myself better, I think I am being truthful and accurate.

What have you done lately to "sharpen the saw"?

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