Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ideal job

The work setting would be an office environment.  As I am a process person, I would use technology and systems to complete my work flow.  My job would be done on a MacBook Pro as I sat in my HumanScale Freedom Chair.  I could have my privacy and the opportunity to move around as needed.  This location would be a commute of only 15-20 minutes.  Working remotely would be something I could do.

The company would have 100 people or less, be privately owned, with family values, and $10-50 million in sales.  Faith would be a part of the culture.

Our purpose for existing would be to do some good.  I really crave this.  I want work that is meaningful, purposeful, yet profitable.  I would like to be in a place where I am compensated fairly but where I could pull in a really good income if I applied myself.

Travel would be okay as long as there would be enough recovery time at home.  Having time off without sacrificing pay would be understood and granted.

The people I would work with in this ideal setting would be understanding, patient, dynamic, helpful, and well-spoken.  God's Name would only be used appropriately.

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