Saturday, December 3, 2011


Composting is something that is done at our home.  It is so simple.  We have a cookie dough container that we use to gather organic matter.  Some day, I'd like to get a small bucket specifically made for this.  I have seen them online for about $35.  The items we compost are coffee grounds, banana peels, apple cores, potato peels, lettuce, and carrot peels.   We have over an acre of land so we decided that our place for dumping would be toward the back of our property, out of sight and smell.  I have thought of moving it into the garden as that is where it should be applied eventually anyway.  Maybe I'll do that in the spring.  The garden is still far enough away that it would not bother anyone there.  We have a simple ring of fencing to mark the area and add to it once a day or once every other day.  Occasionally there is evidence that an animal has eaten some of what we have left out.  The pile of matter almost never gets bigger as it constantly breaks down.   I don't think many people compost around here which surprises and disappoints me.  I have heard that 30% or so of what is hauled to the garbage dump is organic and could be composted.  We also compost our leaves by adding them to the garden or piling them in a place out back.  I would encourage you to start composting.

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