Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I am going to write out some thoughts on the matter of relocation.  You may ask what could be better than a small town in the upper mid-west.  It is true, there are some advantages of being here.  It is quiet, stress levels are low, the stars come out at night, there isn't a lot of strife, cost of living isn't especially high, and people leave you alone.  However, in a small town there are not a lot of opportunities.  I would like to have more chances to attend seminars, workshops, and classes.  They are few and far between here. To attend a festival, lecture, or gallery, I have to be very deliberate and drive quite a ways.  I would like to have a growing, enjoyable career.  So far I have not found that in this or any neighboring village.  Getting connected with people is hard as most probably like to stay at home just as much as I do.  Having outdoor recreational options are somewhat available here but not all the ones I would like to have.

So that brings up the issue of relocation.  It is a possibility.  I have heard that Americans move on average every seven years.  I have been in this place since 2005 and the matter of moving has been brought up with my significant other.  It is in our system as Americans to move and find a better life and I see that as a good thing.  If we can improve out lives by relocating, I think that is fine and should be encouraged.  Therefore, I am open to selling this home and moving to really anywhere.  This is the United States after all and I am free to do so.  The issues that come up with moving are considered next.  My wife has two living parents, and a few other relatives, with some need of support.  I have one surviving parent who is fairly independent.  Other relatives for both of us are in the area and it is easier to stay connected to them by living where we do.  Our house is another issue.  As money comes in, we fix things up and replace things as we see fit.  If we move, all those plans and ideas would be left behind for someone else to experience.  We are also tied into the community through friendships, stores, church, and events.  If we were to leave, those things may get easily over looked as minor but later show up in a feeling of lose.

I am not apposed to moving.  In some ways, I would look forward to the change and the challenge.  I would like to move where there are many opportunities and where there is a good community and economy.  Mild weather with less snow and darkness would also be a plus.

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