Friday, December 23, 2011

To rich to relate

I over heard someone recently say that the super stars out there, can not really relate to us.  However, many people who are very successful have similar backgrounds to the rest of us.  Where they are now is not where they have always been.  I think we need to get over this mistrust of those at the top.  I personally would rather take my advice from those who are doing really well, who have won, who have a profitable business, then the people at the bottom.  People without much money can yield about one study in their lives.  The study of what not too do on your way to being wealthy.  There isn't much interest there frankly.  Instead, I like hearing stories of people's difficulties, tough decisions they've made, obstacles they have over come, their internal drive, all experienced on their way to the top.  That holds my attention and I would rather read more of those stories then I do now.  Too often those accounts are kept in the back ground because the masses give off this "I don't care to hear it" attitude.  Why don't we have more people who are wealthy?  Maybe because we think they are unable to relate to us and we back off.  It is almost reverse snobbery.  Instead, let's start to imitate them, make their habits out habits, think like they do and very likely we will lead an interesting life worthy of emulation ourselves.

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