Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next-Job Personality Profile

In today's blog post, I am entering in some information I received after completing a personality profile.  This was completed when I was receiving some job coaching through Next-Job.  The description of who I am I thought was particularly accurate.  I may post more from this profile in the future.

I am typed as a Gold Green Introvert.

Quiet, gentle and reflective, Gold Green Introverts focus their energy on ensuring the welfare of those around them, something they start doing early in life.  Always curious about people, they are highly observant and quick to make others feel at ease.  They also have a rich inner world, which they share with very few people.
  Practical, detail oriented and thorough, they have a highly developed work ethic, taking commitments and obligations with utmost seriousness.  
They want everything organized and excel at anticipating what needs to be done.  They blend into groups, quietly enjoying what is going on, but typically feel no need to control or take on a dominant role.  
Gold Green Introverts respect authority, history and tradition.  The conservation of resources is a high priority throughout their lives.  Golds do not enjoy change, abstract concepts or untested theories.  
They strive to maintain a harmonious environment, always looking to stabilize the family, unit or organization under their care.  Their warmth, people orientation, and sense of responsibility frequently direct them to careers or volunteer activities where they are of service to others.  They do best when they can plan and have ample private time in stable situations.  They work least well in hectic and ambiguous environments.

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