Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What makes for a good podcast

I enjoy listening to podcasts.  They are informative and I think I am broadened in my awareness because of them.  The software I use is iTunes on my computer and the Sticher app on my iPod.  Podcasts from these two sources are free.  Except for the equipment, I have not paid anything for this stream of no-cost information.  A few shows have sponsors or short advertisements, neither of which offend me.  I like a podcast to be well produced.  Clear recordings with constant sound levels is very much appreciated.  Sometimes a podcast will consist of a host in a studio interviewing someone over the phone.  The guy on his cell can be muffled with their sound level much lower than the host which makes for a crappy listening experience.  I like a formate that is predictable and easy to follow.  Having the podcast less than 15 minutes is also important to a quality production.  I am surprised how many people put together a shoddy podcast that is forty minutes or more.  No one is going to listen to that.  Some people can get away with a longer podcast like Dave Ramsey.  His is over forty minutes but that is cut down from a 3 hour daily broadcast.  I also like an appropriate name to the program, good intro, and good outro music.  A consistent release day for the podcast is helpful for the consumer.  One per week on a Tuesday is fine especially if it is a little more lengthly but a short daily program is certainly appropriate too.

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